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Bib overalls have been around for hundred of years. Your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, great-great-great-grandfather, okay you get the picture. Men have been wearing bib overalls for a long time. Even women wore them during the 40's-60's and even today. Bib overalls have been known as the working man's clothes. You might ask why? Well, I think it is because you don't have to worry about pulling up you pants or having to worry about you shirt tale coming out. With bib overalls you can bend over and do just about anything and you don't having to worry about your clothes. They are great for just about any type of work.

There are two different type of overalls, Low Back Bib Overalls and High Back Bib Overalls. Low back bib overalls have a suspender type back on them. As with High back bib overalls, they have a full back on them. Now a days, you can't find the low back overalls very much. There are still a couple of companies that still make them (Pointer and Round House). Most of the bib overalls you find today are high back. The other differences you will find in bib overalls are the type of fly it has. Either a zipper fly or button fly. You don't find the button fly bib overalls much any more. Most of the overalls have a zipper fly. The next difference in overalls are the pockets. Just about each brand of bib overall has a different way of handling how many and where to place the pockets. Each brand is different and some even have a zipper pocket on the front of the bib as with Liberty and Pointer overall. You also have the carpenter bib overall that has a carpenter pouch attached to the bottom of the bib.

You can get bib overalls in different types of denim, stonewashed, duck, insulated, and non insulated. Below you will find a list of different brands and types of bib overalls. We also have listed different stores were you can purchase these bib overalls.

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Big Smith Kids Youth Toddler Bib Overalls Sizes 3-20 B94050 Big Smith Baby Infant Bib Overalls B94040 Big Smith Stone Washed Denim Bib Overalls B94028
Big Smith Rigid Denim Bib Overalls B94009DB Liberty Baby Infant Bib Ovearlls Sizes 6 Month - 24 Month KOV11900 Liberty Kids Youth Toddler Bib Overalls Sizes 3-20 KOV11906
Liberty Stonewashed High Back Bib Overalls MOV14006 Liberty Rigid Denim High Back Bib Overalls MOV18006 Big Smith Hickory Stripe Bib Overalls B94031
Liberty Rigid Denim Bib Overalls With High Vis Tape MOV18006CS Carhartt R41 Mens  Duck Zip-to-Thigh Bib Overall/Quilt Lined Carhartt 100171 Mens Flame-Resistant Duck Bib Overall with Reflective Striping/Quilt-Lined
Key Bib Overalls Mens Indigo Cotton Denim Bib Overalls 273.41 Round House Mens RealTree Camo Overall - Made in USA - 851 Round House Mens Denim - Button Fly - Overalls - Made in USA - 966
Key Bib Overalls Enzyme Wash Zipper Fly Cotton Bib Overalls 272.42 Key Bib Overalls Firm Hand Hickory Striped Cotton Overalls 273.47 Carhartt R03 Mens  Duck Bib Overall / Arctic Quilt Lined
Round House Hickory Stripe Carpenter Overall - Zip Off Pouch Dickies Hickory Stripe Bib Overalls - 83297 Dickies Mens Denim Rigid Bib Overalls - 83294
Carhartt 100163 Mens Flame-Resistant Canvas Bib Overall/Unlined Carhartt 100101 Mens Surrey Bib Overall Carhartt R27 Mens  Sandstone Duck Bib Overall / Quilt-Lined
Carhartt R08 Mens  Denim Bib Overall - Unlined Carhartt R07 Mens  Washed Denim Bib Overall/Unlined Carhartt R06 Mens  Sandstone Bib Overall/Unlined
Carhartt R02 Mens  Duck Bib Overall / Quilt Lined Carhartt R01 Mens  Duck Bib Overall/Unlined Carhartt FRR45 Flame-Resistant Duck Bib Overall/Unlined
Carhartt FRR44 Mens Flame-Resistant Duck Bib Overall/Quilt Lined Carhartt R28 Mens Duck Carpenter Bib Overall/Unlined Carhartt R29 Mens Drill Carpenter Bib Overall/Unlined